aliedad background

Electromechanical Services

Piping Networks and water treatment plants, Fuel Points/Stations, Oil RefineriesOil Refineries and Power Generation and Electrica Distribution All have been carried by Aliedad.

Piping Networks and water treatment plants

Aliedad is an accomplished company in the design and installation of piping networks for water, waste water and fuel. All kinds of pipes (steel, ductile iron, PVC, GRP etc.) are dealt with. Aliedad designs and builds pumping stations for water, sewage and fuel. This includes piping networks, pump installation and tank design, fabrication and commissioning. Aliedad cooperated with some of the best and largest water treatment plants designers and suppliers to fit for towns and villages in Iraq.


Fuel Points/Stations

Aliedad provides a turn-key solution to projects of fuel points and stations. Starting from design, supply, erect and commissioning for fuel points / fuel transfer points, with all necessary safety and explosion proof equipment required for such projects. Including the concrete slabs specialized for such projects.


Oil Refineries

Aliedad Supply and erect oil refineries with different capacities and designs, mobile and/or fixed types starting from 10,000 b/day. Many small size refineries have been installed recently in Iraq to reach the demand; Aliedad handles dismantling, refurbishing and reinstalling brand-new and used refineries.


Power Generation and Electrical Distribution

Aliedad Supply and install power generating equipment for various applications. Power station work includes fuel supply and storage systems, piping, water treatment, electrical works, and civil works to bring project to realization. Design, supply and installation of high, Medium and Low Voltage distribution networks. Which includes underground cabling, overhead lines, distribution boards, protection systems, distribution transformers and control systems. Electrical designs for building’s lighting, fire-alarm systems, communications and utility power.