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About Aliedad General Construction Company

About Aliedad

Three generations and over 70 years of hard work and dedication, Aliedad General Construction represented by Al-Mousawi group have accomplished more than 280 projects. Although the scope of each project has varied, one common attribute has made Aliedad team the best in the business namely, superior quality and proficiency in execution.

Aliedad General Construction is a family business privately owned. Aliedad Company 2003 is the new name of the construction arm of Al-Mousawi Group established its head-quarter in Amman – Jordan, with a main regional office in Baghdad and other offices in Kut, Najaf and Basra.

The vision of Mr. Sabah Al-Mousawi –founder of Al-Mousawi Group- on the long run is to combine quality work, experience of decades in the construction business with the cutting edge technologies in the construction know-how and the new techniques and materials. The latest and most important was establishing the largest full-automatic precast factory in Iraq which was built late 2011 using the latest German engineering technology and with the most diversified range of products which  made Aliedad even more efficient and unique.

The projects of Aliedad Co. and its sister companies are iconic from the north of Iraq till the south, with concentration on the middle and southern region, bearing in mind that Aliedad most of the time execute turn-key projects starting from design, civil, electrical and mechanical works.

In 2006, the company averaged 400 employees with over one million work hours.

Aliedad is moving forward in being specialized in the precast industry, with a master plan of establishing more than a factory in every province in Iraq.

In this respect, Aliedad General Construction has an established reputation among its clients as a problem solver and integrator of professionalism and cutting edge technology provider.