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Aliedad Precast factory is the largest in Iraq with a production capacity of 2000m daily, with an ongoing extension to reach 5000m daily in the early 2013. The heart of this factory is its technology ...

Aliedad General Construction precast factory is the largest precast factory in Iraq with a production capacity of almost 2000 sqm daily, with an ongoing extension to reach 5000 sqm daily in the early 2013 by god willing based on the extension.

The heart of this factory is its technology; this factory is equipped from the pioneers of the precast technology in the world, Weiler GmbH the German engineers for top precast technology of 2011 as a full automatic production capacity.

And above all, the engineering design of this plant and it's rang of products conform to the standards of (PCI) Precast Concrete Institute which is one of the most reputable international institute of the precast industry.

Factory production line:

Hollow-core slabs: this is one of the most important elements of Aliedad production factory, with a depth starting from (10cm, 12 cm, 15 cm, 20cm, 22cm, 25cm, 27cm) and reaching 50 cm depth, these hollow core slabs are pre-stressed and can reach spans up to 22 meters without any supporting column, and yet it is sound and heat insulated, bearing in mind that its less weight make it easier and faster to install.

Solid bearing walls: precast walls are the best solution for fast and modern building technology, leaving behind the conventional way of bricks or blocks building techniques, it's best virtues are  rapidness and easiness of installation, heat insulated, and you will skip the plastering part of work since it is fair-face and paint can be made immediately on the wall. Windows and doors openings are set in fabrication process as desired by architectural design. All wiring and plumbing can be embedded by the civil engineering. These walls can be used to build multi-story buildings up to 5 stories, without the need of beams and columns, and best used for villas and apartments.

Beams and Columns: this is the best solution for rapid construction of buildings exceeding 5 stories, with an extra beauty and better quality, without overloading the buildings with extra weights of the old conventional cast in situate.

Piles: these piles are widely used for big buildings foundations that is built over a weak soil or projects in need of heavy weight capacity; Aliedad factory produces different sizes of precast piles, (200X200– 300X300 – 400X400) mm and also hollow piles with a massive production power.

The factory also produces other types of precast concrete such as pipes, rain water sewages, and concrete cable tray for electricity cables distribution plus other elements based on the clients requirement.

Precast production cannot be compared to the conventional way of building, starting from quality, durability and workmanship and speed of execution. Where it is possible today to build a structure of a house up to 350 sqm in 24 hours only!

This factory is your best partner and solution provider if you wish to build (villas – apartments – hospitals – mall center – recreational center – medium size and high rise building)

Factory location: Baghdad – Kut main road, Al-algaya, Wasit – Iraq.

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