aliedad background

Road, Bridges and tunnels

We exceeds all other peer companies in building road networks. We surpass the limits of modern designs for building bridges and tunnels through the suitable choices for all intersections...

Aliedad General Construction is superior in the public works of roads and bridges in Iraq, as it is well recognized by providing the modern designs for the construction of bridges and tunnels that would suit all types of intersections and traffic. 

Types of bridges Aliedad design as metallic and concrete:

-          Box girder bridges.

-          I beam bridges.

-          Concrete and metallic combination for curved bridges.

-          Stay cable bridges.

-          Suspension bridges.

Types of tunnels and underpasses Aliedad design:

-          Flat roofed tunnel.

-          Curved roofed tunnel

Tunnels and underpasses are important especially in intersections where no bridg solution can be achieved, and it is commonly used as rail and road traffic solution.

Aliedad General Construction latest achievement in the roads bridges and tunnels (Al-Nahrawan bridge over the Diyala River - Baghdad, with length of 137 meters and width 11 meters. Only four spaces spans around 34 meters). With access road.